Category 9

2015 Youth Lock-In

An Annual Youth Fellowship Event. It specifically provides an opportunity for recreation, fellowship and intimate sharing in an open and honest atmosphere.

The 2015 Youth Lock-In took place on December 18-19, 2015 at the Hilltop YMCA.

Check out photos at the LDV Photo Site.

Candy Rave

In October, we celebrated another year of conducting our annual Reverse Trick-or-Treating Outreach. This is an outreach that takes place on the night that the rest of the community goes trick-or-treating. However, at New Salem we use this occasion to greet our neighbors and give out messages of love to persons that we encounter on the streets. We have done this annual outreach since 2008, and each year the number of participants and amount of packages that are handed out grows tremendously.

We hope that you can participate in the Candy Rave in 2016!

The Brotherhood

The "Etiquette of Being a Man" is a program series coordinated by The Brotherhood ministry. This program helps young men to learn foundational aspects of manhood from strong Christian brothers that offer valuable practical advice, which can be utilized today.