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College Fair

The Speak Life Parent Ministry is helping students

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Connect Event at Magic

Daring Faith for Youth

Did you know that Daring Faith can be

Daring Faith Campaign

The Daring Faith Campaign is providing New Salem Baptist

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Connect Events
Throughout the year, LDV hosts Connect Events. These Connect Events provide age-appropriate fellowship opportunities for free or at a minimal cost outside of the traditional church setting. Some of these events include: Girls Sleepover,

Citywide Youth and Young Adult Revival
A multi-church initiative to advance the Kingdom of God through worship, relationship building and outreach in Central Ohio. The annual revival which is a part of an ongoing movement to impact the city is held annually in July.Come back

LEGACY Seasoned Citizens Brunch
This is an intergenerational fellowship honoring our seasoned citizens and their contributions to New Salem and the community. This brunch is hosted in partnership with the Membership Department. This year the LEGACY Seasoned Citizen's

TAKE 2 Events
Special outings and events for TAKE 2 students and their mentors. These occasions enhance camaraderie and provide relationship-building methods in fun and engaging ways. Please check out the TAKE 2 Program to see how students and future

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Famine for Life
This is a campaign to bring awareness, advocacy and supportive action to the
Academic Recognition
We encourage our students to strive for academic excellence. Through our
30 Days of Disciplines
As a follow-up to the "Spirit-filled Life" workshop that was offered during the

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2015 Youth Lock-In

An Annual Youth Fellowship Event. It specifically provides an opportunity for recreation, fellowship and intimate

Candy Rave

In October, we celebrated another year of conducting our annual Reverse Trick-or-Treating Outreach. This is an

The Brotherhood

The "Etiquette of Being a Man" is a program series coordinated by The Brotherhood ministry. This program helps young