Support New Salem students while they are away at college.                                          
Providing spirtual and social support to students at local colleges and universities.     New Revelations OSU | Current Study:  Meeting Time:  Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Meeting Place: Hale Hall 110B Campus Leader
College Council develops New Salem college students in discipleship and leadership.             Specifically by cultivating their leadership abilities, deepening their spiritual growth and development ; Through
Feeding college students every 3rd Sunday during the academic year. This free home-cooked, family-style dinner is for current undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. It is not only a time of feasti
Helping students discern God's call and how to live in faith in their chosen career field. Specifically by connecting students with persons who have succeedded in their interest area and helping them find resou
Advancing the kingdom of God through creative media and social media integration.               Anyone who has been paying attention to the last 10 years has witnessed the vastness of innovation that has occure
This is a list of leadership resources that will help you in your ministry to youth, college students and young adults."MILLENNIAL EXPECTATIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES" a presentation from the 8th Annual Charles
Providing parents with opportunities to assist the youth and college ministries.              Specifically by helping to support each other and to plan and host parent forums
We are equipping high school seniors and juniors for their transition into the real world.                  Specifically by equipping them with knowledge, skills and
Inspirational events that provide engaging opportunities for fellowship and connectivity. Sign up today to help plan our next youth or college event!
Get involved in the opportunity to disciple a student or be discipled as a student!               The Take 2 Program exists to facilitate the discipleship of youth in grades 6-12 by connecting each of them with
A Christian Fellowship established for young men in grades 6th-12th.                        Specifically by providing relevant, relational, inspirational and inclusive growth opportunities that are rooted in th
The purpose of The Wave (Youth Bible Study) is to help students develop spiritually. We provide an intimate setting and an open forum for students to discuss contemporary issues and discover Bibl
The WAY provides youth with the opportunity to express themselves through the arts.           Specifically by providing youth with the opportunity to express their viewpoint on various topics, to build their co
The WELL provides the opportunity for students in grades 6-12 to worship in their own way. Specifically by engaging them in worship and outreach, connecting them with other students and members, providing oppor
The purpose of Youth Council is to equip and empower the youth of New Salem into leaders.         Specifically by cultivating the leadership abilities, spiritual growth and positive self-esteem of select studen
The purpose of Youth Discovery Classes is to help youth become members of New Salem.         Specifically by showing them ways that they can grow in Christ, and also to expose them to the various ministry, miss
For students interested in getting involved in other New Salem ministries outside of LDV. Here are a few of them: Missions - Participate in churchwide outreaches Membership - Find community with the Recreation