How do I become a member of New Salem?

There are a few ways to initiate membership to New Salem. These include: 

  • Altar Call – coming forward during an altar call of a worship service. 
  • Christian Letter – having a letter sent by the pastor of your former congregation. 
  • Watchcare – connecting with New Salem for a brief time while you are at school or on a job assignment in Columbus, OH. 

In order to officially become active members of New Salem youth and adults must take the Discovery 101 class. There are specific classes for youth (grades 6-12) that are tailored to focus on the ministries and concerns of tweens and teens. 

If you are interested in becoming member of New Salem, please contact Rev. David Williams, the Director of Membership at (614) 267-2536 or send an email to We would love for you to get connected with our congregation!