"LDV" stands for the Life Development Department. Through the power and movement of the Holy Spirit this collective group of ministries seeks to develop young disciples of Christ, through programming and initiatives that are Christ-centered, student-focused, relationship-based , family-friendly and Purpose-driven. 
In following the vision of New Salem, the vision of the Life Department is that we are a growing and relevant Christ-centered department with global impact through inspiring worship, holistic ministry and effective discipleship.     
At New Salem our vision is to be a growing and relevant church. Therefore, LDV endeavors to minister to the holistic needs of students and families in our community by maintaining a strong committment to the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:36-40), and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). Our ministry methods are constantly updating with the times, but our message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ remains the same.
There are a few ways to initiate membership to New Salem. These include: Altar Call – coming forward during an altar call of a worship service. Christian Letter – having a letter sent by the pastor of your former congregation. Watchcare – connecting with New Salem for a brief time while you are at school or on a job assignment in Columbus, OH. In order to officially become active members of New Salem youth and adults must take the Discovery 101 class. There are specific classes for youth (grades 6-12) that are tailored to focus on the ministries and concerns of tweens and
There are countless ways to serve at New Salem! While ministry work will inevitably require each of us to step outside of our comfort zones, we work hard to make sure that every member has fulfilling and productive opportunities to utilize their gifts, skills and passions. These include both traditional and unconventional opportunities that will coincide with persons' schedules and areas of interests. If you are interested in serving in the Life Development Department (LDV), please visit our Ministries Page. There are also numerous other ministries and programs in the other Departments