Mentoring and Discipleship Opportunities

The TAKE 2 Program is a wonderful opportunity for students to get discipled and mentored by mature adult Christians that are trained to help young people grow in their relationships with Christ.

Each student in the program meets with their mentors at least twice a month. There are additional events and outings that are provided exclusively for students and their mentors to build camaraderie and communication.

If you are a parent/guardian of a youth in grades 6-12 and would like to sign up your child for the TAKE 2 Program please download and fill out the TAKE 2 Forms and turn them into the Life Development Department at the church.

If you are college student and would like to get connected with a mentor or discipler, please contact us today. For more information, or if you have specific questions please contact (614) 930-2242 or

If you are a member of New Salem and would like to volunteer with the TAKE 2 Program, please contact us today!