Famine for Life

This is a campaign to bring awareness, advocacy and supportive action to the issues of homelessness and human-trafficking. Each year thousands of Christian students around the globe participate in fasts like the Famine for Life Campaign (F4L),  which allows them to play an active role in changing the world while experiencing compassion for those who live in hunger daily.

By participating in the Famine for Life Campaign and the 24-hour fast the students will have a notable opportunity to fund missionary projects, gain a deeper awareness of the needs in our world, learn the meaning and power of a Biblical fast, and realize that they can truly play a vital part in making a difference. To raise money for the campaign the participants will find persons in their family, community, school, and circle of friends who will sponsor them for each hour that they fast during the 24-hour event.

Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved and/or support this life-changing campaign!