College Ministries Leaders & Campus Advisors

We are thankful and thrilled to have such an exemplary team that serves in the various ministries of Life Development! Leaders of College Ministries & Campus Advisors are the team members that work with students in college and graduate school.

At New Salem we seek to provide college students with a nuturing environment and an inspirational community of believers that support them in their educational and occupational endeavors, while providing opportunities for worship, ministry, fellowship, discipleship and missional service. Our Campus and College Ministries are some of the fastest growing areas of ministry at New Salem and we are excited to have the privilege to impact the lives of extraordinary students that are impacting the world.

To view the profiles of our Leaders of College Ministries & Campus Advisors please click on their names below. You can view the profiles of the entire LDV Department leadership team by going to the LDV Leaders page.

  • Akeesha Giddings
  • Alicia Fowler
  • Chelsey Sumner
  • Dawn Williams
  • Derrick Tillman-Kelly
  • Garey Berry
  • Jennifer Fowler
  • Kellice Mitchell
  • Morreesse Downs
  • Tanya Jones
  • Trina Thomas

If you are interested in serving as a Youth Leader, please contact us at or call (614) 930-2242. You can also sign up by completing the LDV Ministry Interest Form.